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Moonlit Shinobi
Gekkou Hayate
Latest Observations 
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[[ With the closing of revanche_rpg, this journal is now being used as a journal for the collaborative Fanfic, Moonlight on Masks at moonlit_anbu. Hayate's profile has been amended to reflect this change.]]

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15th-Jul-2006 12:40 pm - Casualties
You OK?
We found Genma, and he's in bad shape. He wasn't coherent enough to recognize where he is or who we were, at least at first, and he doesn't seem to have any idea what happened to him.

Yuugao and I found him fallen about halfway down the side of the ravine above Plum Creek. He'd clearly taken a serious blow to the head, and has some pretty nasty looking blade wounds. Yuugao stitched the worst ones up, so at least he won't bleed out on our watch, but he's got a gash in the side that's probably gonna kill him if we don't get him to an actual medic. If the bleeding and shock don't do it, infection will, unless he's a hell of a lot luckier than he looks and the blade missed his guts.

Hyuuga Hinata, the clan's heir, showed up with the civilians and Yuugao's team, when they caught up to us. She was able to use her byakugan to tell us Genma's spine and brains were intact, which is a relief. And he's talking and making some sense, although he's obviously concussed. I guess we'll try to move him now. I don't know if he can walk or not, but maybe some of the civilians can help with a stretcher if it comes to that.

We also found Inoue Shinji: dead. Gutted. It seems pretty obvious he and Genma got this far together, but I don't know for sure. There wasn't any obvious sign of fighting here, so presumably they were wounded elsewhere. I'll try asking Genma, but I'm not expecting much of an answer, given how out of it he is.

I really hope Kakashi's managed to find some medics who made it out of Konoha. Not just for Genma, either. Yuugao's already giving me those looks, and she passed me a blood pill when she was giving some to Genma. Fuck, the last thing we need is me falling apart, too.
15th-Jun-2006 05:25 pm - Yuugao!
[[Mid-morning, 3 July]]

Kakashi is alive, but even better than that, Yuugao is alive! And both seem relatively unhurt, although Yuugao's hand is bandaged. But then so is my arm. As bad as things are, when I saw her, I honestly can say I've never been more relieved. Oh my precious Yuugao, you can't know how glad I am to find you safe and whole.

Kakashi's dog showed up first, and I sent her to report back to him. He came himself not terribly long after that. I think maybe I alarmed him with my request for backup. I couldn't leave the civilians to follow his dog though, and honestly I'd like to avoid any unnecessary movement. I've got to be extremely frugal with my energy and chakra if I want to get these people to safety and not kill myself in the process.

Kakashi looks exhausted. I wonder if I should suggest he pull his hitai-ate back down over his Sharingan eye--I know he gets drained from overusing it. He knows himself best though, and he's had the good grace to ignore my coughing, so for now I'll refrain.

Kakashi and I were standing away from the civilians, discussing a plan, when Yuugao came dropping down out of the trees from the northwest. Sounds like her whole squad survived, although I don't know in what shape. She was scouting ahead, as they have a party of civilians twice the size of mine.

I'm waiting for her to scold me--I can feel it coming. But I don't care. I embraced her, and I know she doesn't like that sort of thing when we're in uniform, but honestly, these circumstances are so exceptional, I don't feel like I was at all out of line. And she seemed like she was just barely holding it together, calling me sempai again like we were strangers.

She's going to be mad at me about how bad my lungs have gotten anyway, so she may as well be mad at me for hugging her as well. Although I have to thank the gods that I'd just completed a treatment before the attack. If it had come a day earlier, I doubt I would have made it out of the village alive. I can't tell how bad it is, but it's not good. I hope resting will help.

For now, though, I have to keep moving.
10th-Jun-2006 06:09 pm - Status: F*cked
[[Dawn, 3 July]]

I have twenty-seven panicked civilians with me, I'm hurt, I'm tired, and I don't have any idea if anyone I know is still alive. The village is in flames, or it was when I left it, and there was another bijuu, like the fox, tearing it apart. Another one! It almost seemed like the Sunagakure forces were controlling it. If they can, if they were, I have a hard time having any hope at all for Konoha.

I marshaled these civilians when the fighting first broke out--some were in a restaurant near one of the breached walls that I happened to duck into to get out of the smoke; others joined our group on the way out of the village. I led them out to the northeast, to the woods there, because that was the most direct, easiest way out, and it looked like it was still clear.

I deputized one of the more level-headed ones to keep them calm, deal with minor injuries, and keep the group together. Then I ran back to help in the fight, but I was way too late. By the time I got there all of Konoha was being evacuated. It was chaos. Chuunin and genin were herding civilians into the tunnels, ANBU and jounin were fighting and retreating. There were so many dead in the street I couldn't count them. Our shinobi were overwhelmed and unprepared. I think Sandaime is dead.

I feel sick. There was an ANBU with me--Gods I hope Yuugao got out--who died saving me. He called me sempai, so he must have been a rookie when I was still under the mask. I don't even know his name.

I finally had to retreat. It was hopeless. I took a blade in the right shoulder, but it isn't too bad. I got one of the civilians to bandage it for me when I regrouped with them. I guess the worst thing is my breathing, which is bad again from all the smoke and fighting. So much for light exertion.

Anyway, I'm gonna make them break camp and move further north. If anyone actually made it out of the bunkers, they'll be mustering at the tunnel exits. If there's no-one there... I have no idea what I'll do. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
Gods, I just don't understand that woman! I don't see why Yuugao is upset this time. I swear, I try so hard to do everything right, and she still complains. I take my pills, I go for my treatments, I take it easy in training. I even ate breakfast before I left this morning, and I felt like puking, so shoveling it down wasn't easy.

So I spent the day teaching a kenjutsu class to a select group of chuunin. It wasn't that hard, really. And I didn't get that out of breath or that tired. Well, maybe a little.

But she's acting like I was trying to kill myself.

Although, I suppose maybe the fact that I'm coughing up blood again is reason enough for her to be upset.

But there's no way to prove that the reason I'm worse tonight is because I taught that class. Correlation is not causation.

Besides, no one else could have done it.
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